Google’s Datally received a huge update with Guest mode, Daily Limit and More

In this new generation, we all have been using data a lot for various internet services. Sometimes, we have even crossed our data limits and ended up paying higher charges for that. So, Google had developed an app named Datally for you to keep a watch on the data usage. This app also allows you to save data using various techniques. Recently, this app has received a huge update and it is a significant improvement to save more data.

Google announced that the average user saves about 21% of their mobile data using Datally. And with this newer update, they have added four more ways to save data using this app. Let’s see that those added features can do.

Guest mode

Guess that you’ve some relatives coming in at your house. Also, your smaller brother/sister are coming over with them. Nowadays, we know that the kids like to use smartphones and they might even ask for your device to play with. They might even end up using all your data. But, with Datally installed on your device, you’re covered. With the new guest mode in Datally, you can set the amount of data you’re okay to let that person use, before you hand over your device. Neat, isn’t it?

Daily Limit

You can easily eat up on all your data in a single day, maybe even in few hours. So, Datally has got your back there as well. This new feature would enable you to set the daily data limit for your device. You’ll receive warnings when you’re about to run through that daily limit. After that, you can either choose to block data for the rest of the day or eat more data.


Unused Apps

You might have a bucket load of apps installed on your device, but you might not be using all those apps. Even though you’re not using them doesn’t mean they’re not using your data. Your data might be getting used by those unused apps. Also, you would be updating those unused apps even though you’re not using them. So, more data usage which is not required. With this new feature in datally, you can simply uninstall those unused apps with one tap and use your data at a better place.

Wi-Fi Map

This would allow you to search for more Wi-Fi networks nearby, so that you can search for the best Wi-Fi networks around you. Connecting to a Wi-Fi network means that you don’t need to worry about mobile data, as it won’t be used until you’re connected to the Wi-Fi. You are even allowed to rate your network once you’re connected.


With all those worthy features coming in the new update for Datally, how can one resist not to download this? We know you can’t. So, if you haven’t downloaded Datally yet, click here to download it and start saving your data.