Government gearing up to auction 5G spectrum in India

Even with telecom operators still pushing out 4G services across the country, the government is already looking at the future and is gearing up to launch 5G technology in India.


According to reports from the Economic Times, the Government of India is working with the TRAI to conduct 5G spectrum auction to initiate rollout of the latest wireless technologies. The government is looking at auctioning spectrum in bands such as 3300 MHz and 3400 MHz. While the exact date of the auction process is not yet revealed, sources in the know suggest that it could happen later this year.

While 5G networks are predicted to be commercially available by the year 2020, the Indian Government is planning to move in early to adopt new technologies to keep up with the progress. The government expects the technology would boost new-age initiatives and services, including internet of things (IoT), machine-to-machine communications, instant high-definition video transfer and downloads and connected smart cities.

Additionally, the government intends to put the 700 MHz band up for auction again. The spectrum, which was available during the last auction, was clearly neglected by all operators owing to reportedly high reserve price of Rs. 55000 crores per block of 5 MHz. Source suggest that based on the industry feedback, the prices would be recalibrated.