Gravity app maker Jan Ole Suhr refuses to develop for WP, kicked out of Nokia Dev Program

Gravity, the best and complete Twitter app for Symbian smartphones, is the work of Jan Ole Suhr (@Janole) and is loved by everyone who has used it. I myself use the app and love how well the app has developed over the past few years.


But now it seems that Nokia, which has left the Symbian platform to burn and went ahead with Windows Phone OS is not happy with @Janole and has “kicked him out of the dev program” because he was not ready to develop for the WP7 platform.

Now this piece of news has come as a shock to almost everyone who has used and has fallen in love with Gravity and also knows how much great @Janole is with the app. I myself am sticking to the Symbian platform only because of Gravity being available on the OS and it makes the platform feel more special.
Just because a developer is not ready to develop his app for WP, is it fair on Nokia’s part to just throw him out of dev program? There have been so many instances when Gravity users have themselves wanted Nokia to pre-install the app over its Symbian devices because it is the best of all the apps out there.
@Janole says that he earns everything from the Symbian platform and does not expect to see a return on the investment he makes from the Windows Phone platform yet. And this is why he is reluctant in developing Gravity on Windows Phone 7. But then, in a year’s time we might also see the app arriving on Windows Phone 8 OS.
Also if you a Symbian user, then @Janole is sticking to his plans and will keep developing Gravity for all of you and you can definitely enjoy the app with more new features which will arrive as time passes by.

And if you are an Android or iOS user then here is some good news. @Janole is thinking of bringing the app to these platforms in some time. We do not know the exact time and but yeah the app might arrive in the next few months. 

But until then, Nokia please don’t lose your beloved limited and few great Symbian developers!