Have you been growing fat? Blame your phone: Study

Have been gaining a little too much weight recently? Your smartphone is to blame for tipping the scales, says a study published in the the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity.

Fat-from-phone Well, it is no secret that a smartphone does eat up much of our time. It offers so much – games, apps, calling and much else that keeps us hooked to it rather than striving to exercise. You can just look around yourself and see that kids nowadays would rather stay at home with their phones unlike us, who would always be on their toes at their age.

The so-called ‘study’ finds that people using cellphones less than others are less likely to become obese. It also says that those with a basic phone are more likely to indulge in exercise compared to smartphone users.

The Kent University researchers behind the study were quoted as saying,” While cell phones provide many of the same temptations as television and Internet connected computers, the difference is that cell phones fit in our pockets and purses and are with us wherever we go. Thus, they provide an ever-present invitation to ‘sit and play.”
The Study was analyzed by dividing cellphone users into 3 categories – the heaviest users used to be hooked in to their smartphones around 14 hours a day. They were also more likely to sit down most of the time, and were medically examined which showed that they lacked cardiorespiratory fitness.

Here’s a link to the study, just in case you would like to look at it.

Our advice: Your being a lazy slob will always have much more contribute to your weight gain rather than a smartphone. You have to remember that you can also download fitness apps and make use of them to measure your fitness. In the end, it is all about how you use it which is what we would like to believe.