HMD Global CEO unexpectedly quits the company

Arto Numella, the lynchpin of HMD has surprisingly left his post in a sudden turn of events. HMD global made a formal announcement today that both Numella and HMD global had terminated their contract with mutual consent. Coming in to effect immediately, the duties of his post will be undertaken by Florian Seiche.

Arto Numella (Left), Florian Seiche (Right)

Talking about the sudden shake-up, Sam Chin, Chairman of the Board, HMD Global Oy said:
“Arto Nummela has played a key role in the creation of the HMD Global operation, building the team and launching our first products. On behalf of the whole Board, I thank Arto for his contribution and wish him well in his future endeavors.”

Arto Numella has long been an old member of Nokia before HMD took over the troubled brand. He has been at the helm of Nokia as CEO in the past. After new licensee, HMD Global took over, they appointed Numella to head the new regime as CEO.