How durable is your BlackBerry, watch on [Video]

How many times does it happen that we drop our smartphone on the floor, into a bucket or even into a swimming pool and hope it survives! Well Inside BlackBerry has posted a series of Behind-the-door videos which show us how any and every smartphone that the Canadian company manufactures’ goes through rough and almost deadly tests which include a water test, a drop test and a terrifying bend test.


To start with we see how the BlackBerry survives a drop into a box of water and still works fine. All features from its keys to NFC to Camera work absolutely fine.

Second in the line is the Drop test in which the BlackBerry is dropped from a height and it actually survives very well. The video is in slow-motion giving us a very clear picture of the shock that the BB can handle.

Last but not the least is the bend test in which the BB is out under loads and tons of pressure but a few seconds and the device still survives without being cracked into two pieces or more.

These go on prove that the devices manufactured by RIM are indeed very much durable. But we will advise you to never try this at home or anywhere else.