How to apply multiple filters at once in Snapchat [Guide]

Snapchat is among the widely used social media apps and several people share their snaps with their friends using different filters. But what if I tell you that you can use two filters on the same snap at once. Ever heard your snaps can use multiple filters at once? Here’s a guide showing you that.


Using multiple filters in Snapchat

  • Open up the Snapchat app and take a snap using the camera. You can also import photos from the gallery.
  • Once you have successfully added a snap, swipe for the filters to apply. This will apply the first filter on your snap. It can be anything – temperature, clock, location.
  • Now hold a finger on the snap to hold the filter you’ve just applied, use a different finger to swipe again for the filters. This will apply a second filter over the first one.
  • Repeat for the third filter if you want a third filter to be applied.
  • Don’t lift your finger for the first filter, hold down the second filter with a different finger, and swipe using another finger to apply the third filter on the snap.

Similarly, you can apply up to five filters on a video snap. You can currently add a maximum of three filters on the photo snap.

Once you’ve applied the desired filters, save the snap before sharing it in case you want. That’s it, your snap with multiple filters is ready.


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