How to Change Font Style For Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp Status Updates [Guide]

People post dozens of stories on social media just in a day, be it WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook. Not all social media platforms offer you much options, you have limited fonts while tying the status. When you want new and stylish fonts to share your status update, this guide will help you to keep your stories away from boredom. Check it out.


Change Font Styles For Status Update

No, you can’t get the fonts directly into the app, first, you need to create your status and save it, then share the same on social media, sounds cool First of all, download this awesome app called Canva on Google Play store for Androids or iOS App Store for iPhones.

Canva is an app that has the sheer number of font styles and built-in templates to create a rich status to share it on your social media profile. Canva makes things easy for you, it helps you to design your status in a simple way. All it needs is a few taps to create status and save it on your device.

It comes with pre-built templates for WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. When you type a text, you have a variety of fonts to choose from as per your liking.


How to use Canva?

Once you’ve installed Canva, launch the app and scroll through the templates you want to share. You have the option to use the pre-installed templates and further edit them or create your own from the scratch.

For example, select Instagram Post or Instagram Story and share it on Instagram, or select WhatsApp Status to create a status for WhatsApp stories. Tap the ‘+‘ to create a status for the specific social media app.

Type the status you desire and add a background from the gallery. Once you are done with your status, save it on your phone. Now share the saved image and share it on your favorite social media apps.



Do you know any more apps that will help you to create and customize your status’ fonts? Let us know in the comments below. For more guides and tutorials, head to our How-To Guides.