How to create duets on TikTok on your mobile [Guide]

Ever saw TikTok videos all over the internet with people performing duets? Want to make one of yours? TikTok (formerly is used by millions of people to create short videos and funny lip sync clips, and no doubt, duets are certainly one of the best TikTok videos you’ll see. This guide will show you how to create duets on TikTok.


How to create duets on TikTok

Here’s how to make a duet on Tik Tok app, launch the TikTok app. Find a video you want to create a duet for. If you’re new to the app and want to try it, tap search and see the trending videos. You can also find videos suggested on your feed page. Or simply go to the specific user’s profile to find one.

Once you have found the video to create a duet, tap on Share on the bottom-right as shown. It will open the sharing options on a pop-up panel.

Choose Duet as shown, this will take you to the video making page. From here, you can record the duet with the one you’ve chosen. Tap the video camera button at the bottom of the screen to record the duet over your friend’s video.


You can make use of the filters and effects in the bottom left corner to keep the video creative.

When you are done recording, tap the Next button and proceed to the uploading. Add a caption with hashtags to your video before posting to get higher reach. Your duet video is now successfully uploaded to your TikTok profile.

Tips For Getting Likes & Views On TikTok Videos

  • Never forget to add tags to your duet video to get a higher reach or make it go viral.
  • Share the duets on Instagram, Facebook, as well as, WhatsApp to enjoy more popularity.

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