How to delete Facebook search history on Android [Guide]

Do you use Facebook? Well, yes, that was a stupid question. Almost everyone in this day and age of Internet enabled smartphones uses Facebook. One might not use Wikipedia to gain some knowledge but must be very active on Facebook. Well we can’t blame them for their addiction, Facebook has changed the way we use social media nowadays. It has not just remained a way to connect with your family and friends, but, it’s also a source of different types of information, news, brand promotions and what not.


If you own an Android and use Facebook then most probably you must have installed the Facebook app. Facebook lets us search for various things be it some person, place, photos, etc. Now when you do search for something Facebook keeps a history of it and when you go back to the search bar it will show you the list of recent searches made by you. We all have those creepy friends who keep pepping into our phones. What if you have searched for something that you don’t want your friends or any other person to take a look at? Most of you won’t have any problem with someone taking a look at your search history, but there are some who like keeping things private. In this tutorial we show you how to delete Facebook search history on Android.

How to delete Facebook search history on Android

Step 1: We assume that you already have installed the Facebook app on your Android, but if you haven’t, you can download it from Google Play Store. As soon as you open the Facebook app, you will notice the magnifying glass icon at the top. Tap on ‘Search‘. As soon as you tap on it you will be shown recent searches. You then need to tap on ‘Edit‘ appearing at the top-right corner.


Step 2: As soon as you tap on Edit, you will be taken to the ‘Activity Log‘ screen. There you will see all the searches made by you. Tap on ‘Clear Searches‘ to delete Facebook search history on Android app. Upon tapping on clear searches, you will be asked if you really want to delete the search history. Tap on ‘Confirm‘ to wipe the entire search history.


Step 3: As soon as you tap on ‘Confirm’, all the Facebook search history will deleted. You can again go back to the Search bar to verify if the search has really been deleted or not. After tapping on ‘Confirm’, it might keep loading. In that case, re-open the Facebook app and tap on the Search bar to verify. You will be shown what’s trending on Facebook when you tap on the Search bar instead of your search history.


This part showed you how to delete Facebook search history on Android. If you are the one who un-installed the Facebook app on Android because of battery consumption and use Facebook’s desktop version instead, worry not as we further show you how to delete Facebook search history on its desktop version.

How to delete Facebook search history on website

Step 1: Open and login, and then go to your profile page. You will see a button with ‘View Activity Log‘ written on it, click on that.


Step 2: After you click on ‘View Activity Log’, you will be taken to the ‘Activity Log‘ page. This page will show all your activities, be it Likes, Shares, Comments. Everything. Click on the ‘More‘ option which resides on the left side.


Step 3: Upon clicking on ‘More’, the list will expand. You will be able to see an option named ‘Search‘ on the left. Click on it to view your search history.


Step 4: After you click on ‘Search’ you will be presented with your Search history. Click on ‘Clear Searches‘ option at the top-right corner of the page.


After clicking on ‘Clear Searches’ Facebook will ask for confirmation to delete the search history. Click on ‘Clear Searches‘ written on blue colored button to delete the search history.


As soon as you click on the blue button, Facebook will delete all the search history and your search history page will look like the one shown below.


If you are the one who relies on 2G connection for using Facebook on Android, then we suggest you use the Facebook Lite app which is actually a stripped down version of the full Facebook app. The app size is less than 1 MB and is designed specially for 2G networks and slow connections.

Tell us in the comments if you were able to delete Facebook search history on Android as well on the desktop version. Feel free to ask your queries if you are unable to delete the search history on Facebook. You can also visit our How-To Guides section for more such tutorials.