How to do Group Video Calls in WhatsApp [Easy Guide]

It’s almost a year since WhatsApp introduced group video calls and the feature has become popular since its launch. With the introduction of group video calls WhatsApp directly challenged Apps like Skype and Google Duo which allowed video calling. In this guide, we are gonna show you how to do group video calls on WhatsApp.

Group Video Calling on WhatsApp:

Before getting started it should be noted that WhatsApp Group Video calls are limited to 4 people only which means that you and three of your friends can do a video call together and discuss whatever you want to.

Method 1:

1. Open WhatsApp and select the group in which you have your friends.

2. On the top next to the three dots, you’ll see a call icon press that.

3. On pressing the call icon you’ll see a pop up that will allow you to choose the friends you’d like to video call with select your friends and you are ready to go.


Method 2:

1. Open WhatsApp and head on the Calls section on the home screen. There you’ll see a call button in the bottom right corner press that.


2. On pressing the call button, WhatsApp will open your contacts on the top of that there will be an option saying “New Group Call” click that and follow the next step.


3. Once you’ve clicked New group call WhatsApp will ask you to Add Participants. Now all you have to do is add your friends and hit the call button. That’s all you are ready to go.


That’s all for this guide. You can read more about WhatsApp group video calls by clicking here.