How to download subtitles directly using VLC Media Player [Guide]

VLC Media Player is one of the oldest and the most popular software when it comes to playing videos as it supports mostly all the video formats. Released on 1st February 2001 by VideoLAN, VLC media player keeps getting better with every update.

While the software may look simple to you, it is to be noted that VLC Media Player comes with a lot of interesting features and one of them is that it allows us to download subtitles directly from the player. Now whether it’s a movie or a TV Series who doesn’t like to have subtitles in them?  So in this guide, we are gonna show you how to download subtitles directly in VLC Media Player, Let’s get started.

Downloading Subtitles directly using VLC Media Player:

Before we get started with the guide, have a look at the image below. As you can see, the Sub Track is unavailable which means that there are no subtitles in the movie. Now, let’s get started.


Step 1– On the menu bar, click on the View menu and open the VLSub extension.


Step 2– Once you’ve launched the VLSub extension you’ll see something like this. Select search by name and the VLC media player will search subtitles for you.


Step 3– Click Download selection and download the subtitles from your favorite uploader. Once you see subtitles loaded close the VLSub extension. That’s all you’ve successfully loaded subtitles in your media file.


Final Result:


So this was our Guide for downloading subtitles directly using VLC Media Player. Were we helpful? If yes, let us know in the comments below and for more guides like this make sure you check out our Guides section.