How to enable sound on keypress on your keyboard [Gboard Guide]

Your Andriod keyboard has a number of traits you may not know, it can be tactile feedback from the keypress or it can be sound you press on the keys. Sometimes these little features add up to your typing experience. Adding a sound while you type hints that you have successfully pressed the key. Not all may like the sound of keys, but those who want to hear their typing, here’s how to enable sound on keypress on Gboard Google keyboard.


Enable sound on keypress on Gboard

To enable sound on keypress on Gboard, here’s what you need to do. On your smartphone,

  • Go to Settings -> System -> Languages & input -> Virtual keyboard -> Gboard.

On some phones, the Languages & input is under Settings -> Additional settings. If you can’t find it, you have the option to search the Settings directly from the search bar by typing ‘Gboard‘. You can also enter the settings by long pressing the comma ‘,‘ on the keyboard and swipe to the Settings icon.



Once you are in the Gboard settings, tap the Preferences and swipe to the bottom and find Sound on keypress under Key press menu.

  • Gboard -> Preferences -> Sound on keypress

Hit the slider to enable the sound on keypress. You have the option to change the volume levels of the sound or use its default value. Customize how loud you want the sound using the Volume on keypress option.

Now type in your messages with sound. If you can’t hear the sound, adjust the volumes under the Gboard Preferences.

Other Settings such as Haptic feedback on keypress (vibration) and Popup on keypress are available if you want to use them along.


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