How to force clear RAM on your iPhone/iPad

Are you trying to clear RAM on your iPhone or iPad? If you think your iPhone is low on RAM and it has not enough memory for apps to load, you can clear your iPhone’s RAM with a little workaround, here’s how.


It happens to be that some of you own older iPhone and iPad models that have less RAM available than the ones using newer, and we know that iOS, as well as iPadOS, manages RAM exceptionally well. So, even if you have an iOS/iPadOS device with less RAM, there won’t be any issues with memory management.

For those who think clearing RAM can improve the overall performance of the iPhones and iPads, here’s what you need to do. Here, we will be showing you exactly how to clear RAM memory on your iPhone as well as iPad.

Note: This is perhaps a trick that is not standard and should not be considered necessary by any means. You can still do a normal reboot to clear out the RAM and start out fresh.

How to force clear RAM on your iPhone/iPad

Before you start with this trick for clearing out the RAM, you need to make sure Assistive Touch is turned on on your device. For the iPhones with a physical Home button doesn’t require to enable Assistive Touch since it has already a physical Home button that works with this trick.

  • Turn on Assistive Touch by going to Settings -> Accessibility -> Touch -> AssistiveTouch.

Assistive Touch is a floating home button with quick shortcuts in it. Skip this step if you are using an older iPhone with a physical home button like the iPhone 8 Pius, iPhone 7, and so on.

Make sure your iPhone is in an unlocked state and have a chunk of apps running in the background. This will consume memory on your iPhone and you are able to notice the RAM freed once you achieve this trick .

  • Press the Volume Up button and then press the Volume Down button. Now, press and hold the Power button until Slide to power off menu shows up on the screen.
  • Now, tap the Assistive Touch button on the screen and perform all these actions in one go.
  • When the Assistive Touch menu pops up on your screen, Press and Hold the virtual home button for a few seconds. If you are using an iPhone with a physical home button, just hold the physical power button, don’t use the Assistive Touch.

Once you are able to do it, your iPhone will get locked and you will need to type in the phone’s passcode again in order to re-enable Face ID, this is normal and confirms that your iPhone’s RAM has been cleared. If you try to open any apps that were running in the background, you will see that they will reload the content from scratch.

That’s all you have to do to clear RAM on your iPhone or iPad. Want more such tips and tricks? Check out the guides, tutorials, tips, tricks, and hidden features for iPhone, Mac, Windows, and Android.

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