How To Free Up More Storage By Removing Telegram Cache Files [Telegram Guide]

Tried to free up storage on your phone but still left disappointed? There are many apps that occupy your storage, not because of its size but its cache and temporary files.

Several apps including TikTok, Facebook, Instagram which are live-feed based apps can consume your phone’s storage in no time. These cache files can be removed from the App Info settings or via third party cleaner apps. But did you know about the hidden cache that you can’t remove from the Settings?


Apps such as Telegram can create a chunk of temporary files in your storage (literally in GBs) that you can’t access directly but within the app. These files can be removed to free up more storage on your phone. If you are a Telegram user and wanted to free up storage, here’s how to remove the Telegram cache in a few simple steps.

For instance, you have saved messages in Telegram since it provides unlimited cloud storage and that too for free, these files that you upload/download remains on your phone as a cache.

I use Telegram for everything, for saving photos, videos, links, documents, and other files and it consumes a lot of space, I have once removed Telegram cache files over 17 GB. You might not see the cache in the App Info settings, here’s what you need to do to remove the cache files on Telegram.

Note: Know that clearing the cache files won’t delete files from your Telegram, you just need to re-download the files once you open the chat or saved messages, all the media will stay in the Telegram cloud and can be re-downloaded if you need it again.

How To Clear Telegram Cache Files

Launch the Telegram app on your smartphone and hit Settings by swiping from the left or tapping the three lines on the top left corner.

Under Settings, tap the Data and Storage and under Disk and network usage, tap Storage Usage.

  • Telegram Settings -> Data and Storage -> Storage Usage

Here you will see an option Clear Cache, tap on it and check the boxes that you want to remove from the cache. I suggest you remove all, however, most space is consumed by the videos, music, and photos. To help automatically manage the size of Telegram’s cache, you can change the Keep Media setting just above the Clear Cache option.

Change the settings from Forever to 3 days, 1 week, or 1 month depending on the option you like. If you choose 1 month, Telegram automatically deletes files older than 1 month, likewise for 3 days and 1 week options.

Why the Telegram cache consumes a large amount of storage? This is because all the data you download or send on Telegram is stored in the cache of your phone. That means the cache is useful to quickly access the files without downloading them, the downloaded and upload files are saved in a hidden cache folder which can’t be cleared from the App Info. Fortunately, you can remove it from the Telegram itself and free up storage space.



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