How to get Animoji on any iPhone or Android Smartphone

Aniemoji was first introduced with Apple devices that came with a Face ID and users have loved it ever since that moment. However, as this was limited to the devices which had Face ID a lot of users felt left out and wanted to try the feature. Even Android smartphone users wanted to get Animoji on their smartphones but there was no way that they could get it.

But thanks to third-party apps like Supermoji now everyone can use Animoji without facing any issues. This means that all iPhones including the newly launched iPhone SE 2020, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, and the others can get Animoji without any problems. In addition to this, Supermoji also works on Android devices so every Android user can get the Animoji experience for free without switching to an iPhone.

Supermoji is a free app that allows its users to get Animoji like experience on any smartphone. Some of the emojis are available for free however to get access to all the features you have to make in-app-purchases. In this guide, we are going to have a look at the step-by-step instructions on how you can use that to get Animoji like features on your smartphone. So, let’s get started.


How to get Animoji on any iPhone or Android Smartphone:

Step 1: To get started with the process, download Supermoji on your Android or iOS device.

Step 2: Run Supermoji and give it the permissions for the Microphone and Camera so it changes your voice and face data.

Step 3: Tap on Find from the bottom left corner to select your favorite Supermoji.

Step 4: Choose from the Free Supermoji’s and wait for the Supermoji to download.

Step 5: Once it’s downloaded press and hold to record a video.

Step 6: Save your recorded video and you are ready to go. Now you can share the video with your friends and family.

Have a look at the screenshots below to see how it’s done.

Supermoji-1 Supermoji-2

This same method can be followed to use Supermoji on Android Smartphones too. In addition to this, Supermoji is also a Tiktok like short video sharing platform and you can access that by tapping on the bottom right corner of the screen. Here users can share their Supermoji videos publicly by creating an account. If you don’t wanna create an account you can browse through the videos for free.

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