How to navigate OnePlus 7 Pro with gestures [Guide]

The OnePlus 7 Pro has been recently launched in India and it’s the most compelling Android smartphone as we know. It runs on the latest OxygenOS build version 9.5 which is based on the Android 9 Pie. The OxygenOS offers a host of features and customizations including the gesture navigation. Here’s how you can enable it to make the full-screen experience better.


How to navigate OnePlus 7 Pro with gestures

Instead of using the on-screen navigation buttons, make use of the navigation gestures. Unlike the rest of the Androids, OxygenOS offers an option to select between the native Android gesture navigation and the OnePlus own OxygenOS navigation gestures.

Go to the Settings -> Buttons & gestures -> Navigation bar & gestures and choose the last option that says Navigation gestures. This will enable navigation gestures and disabling the on-screen buttons. The second option Back, Home enables the Android 9 Pie’s default gesture navigation.

How to use Navigation Gestures [OxygenOS Style]

At the bottom edge of the screen, swipe from the left, center, or right for different actions.

  • Home Screen: Swipe from the center of the screen.
  • Go Back: Swipe from the right of the screen.
  • Recent Apps: Swipe from the center of the screen and pause at the middle, then scroll through the apps.
  • Quick Switch: Swipe from the center to the middle of the screen.


Try the gestures and let us know which method of navigation you prefer. For more guides like this, visit How-To Guides. Also check out our IGTV video of the OnePlus 7 Pro below. Do follow our Instagram page for more updates related to the latest smartphones.