How To Put ‘Shot On’ Watermark To Your Photos Using Third Party Apps [Android]

Wondered whether your photo carries a watermark at the corner, for those who have seen a photo with ‘Shot on OnePlus’ or ‘Shot on Vivo’ or ‘Shot on Honor’ sort of like watermarks, we have shared a nifty trick to add the watermarks in the photo. However, not all phones let you add a watermark, by using this third-party app, add shot on watermarks to your photos on your Android.


Add ‘Shot On’ Watermark To Your Photos

Before you proceed with this guide, make sure your phone offers built-in watermark options. Many smartphones with customized interface offer a built-in option to add a watermark. Be it OnePlus, Vivo, OPPO, Xiaomi, Honor, HUAWEI branded phones, add a watermark on your photos automatically when you capture them. If your phone doesn’t support it, get it done easily without a fuss, you just need to install an app.

Launch Shot On Stamp on your phone.

You have two options, either you snap the photos from the Camera option or tap the Gallery and select the photos that you want to add a watermark.

Customize the watermark by entering the Stamp Settings, you can change the logo, phone model, add your signature, position, and size of the watermark.

If your device isn’t on the list, tap on Stamp Settings -> Phone -> Find your phone and change it to whatever model you want. The Logo option adds a logo to the photos, the Shot By option will put a name below the photo model.


The second method to add the photos is to directly add the watermark after you shot an image, no fuss of searching in the gallery again and put it. Open the Camera app on your device and take photos normally as you do. You will see a toast notification ‘Stamping’. The photos will be saved in ShotOn folder in the gallery.

Here’s how the image looks with the shot on watermark added.


Now you know how to add shot on watermarks to your photos, on which phone you take photographs, share it in the comments below. For more guides, check out the How-To Guides.