How to register for Amazon Pay EMI [Ultimate Guide]

Yesterday, Amazon launched the Amazon Pay EMI card-less payment solution that offers instant credit options to purchase high-value products on Amazon India and pay by easy monthly installments. In this guide, we will show you how to register for Amazon Pay EMI and apply for it. Check out the complete guide below.


Wondering what is Amazon Pay EMI? Well, the Amazon Pay EMI is a financing solution that helps you to purchase products on and split payments in 3 to 12 months. The minimum amount of the purchase is Rs 8,000.

How to register for Amazon Pay EMI

To avail the EMI facility, you need to go through a one-time registration setup and get your credit limit. The Amazon Pay EMI purchase is valid for up to Rs 60,000 which is divided into easy monthly installments at low-interest rates.

Currently, this is an invite-only program, check your account and see if you are eligible for Amazon Pay EMI.

  • Go to Amazon Pay EMI registration page on your Amazon mobile App by swiping from the left and tapping the Amazon Pay. Tap on register now and follow simple on-screen instructions

You can register for the credit facility on the Amazon Pay homepage, and upon providing your PAN and KYC details (no uploads required), you will receive your credit limit which is up to Rs 60,000.



The interest will be charged only when you make a purchase using this assigned credit limit. We have checked the interest rates and it shows 18% for 9 and 12 months, but the rates may vary. The launch offer includes No Cost EMIs on 3 and 6 months tenures. There are no processing fees or hidden charges for the same.

The Amazon Pay EMI will allow you to set up auto repayments if you want to automate the EMI else you have the option to pay manually. All EMIs are debited on 5th of each month.



To know more about Amazon Pay EMI, go to link