How to save stories before they get deleted [Instagram Guide]

Instagram has millions of active users and several users post a story update on it. However, these stories remain for 24 hours and get deleted, so if you like someone’s story and want to save it for later purposes without letting them know, here’s a quick tutorial on how to download and save Instagram stories before they get deleted.


How to save stories before they get deleted on Instagram

If you miss the story, then you are never going to see it again, unless you ask the user or the page that initially shared it. And if you somehow viewed it once (in a hurry or so) and want to view it again but eventually it gets deleted due to the 24 hours story limits, here’s a chance you can grab the story and watch it again, share it to your friends, and do whatever you want with it.

You might be thinking saving photos is easy, you just screenshot it and save, however, the screenshot may not be the highest quality, downloading the story is advised.

So, let’s get it started. You will first need to download an app that allows you to download Instagram stories without letting them know.

Once downloaded, launch the app and log in to your Instagram. The login is required because it helps you to download the stories from the private profiles.

Enter the username of the Instagram profile you want to save the stories of. Now tap the Story tab and tap on the story you want to download.

Aside from the stories, you can download the posts as well. Tap the Posts tab and select the desired post you want to save.


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