Google Duo to get support for 32 participants for group video calls and new AR effects

With more and more video chat applications and platforms increasing the number of participants for a group video call, Google Duo has now joined that list. The company has announced that it will soon raise the number of people allowed for a group video call to 32.


The development comes at a time when people across the world are heavily using video chat tools owning to the coronavirus pandemic. Apart from this, the company is also anticipated to offer new AR effects that match the user’s facial expressions.

The update seems to be aimed at taking on the likes of Zoom and Facebook but especially Zoom which has witnessed a massive growth in the recent months.

At the time when Google Duo was launched, the app supported just four participants for a group video call which was later increased to eight. Recently, the company increased the participants count to 12 and now it will support 32 participants.

Currently, there’s no information about when the feature will start rolling out the users. However, we expect it to happen soon given that the company has already started sending out promotional emails. In the coming weeks, Google Duo will also get support for making group video calls in the web version.