How to save your parking location in Google Maps [Guide]

Forgot the parking location where you have parked your vehicle? If you are keeping your vehicle in large parking areas like malls, restaurants, and other places. Google Maps will help you to find your parked vehicle.


Google Maps is widely used by many people, it has made the navigation easy no wonder it’s also the most used navigation service in the country. You may not know it, there are a handful of features of Google Maps that can make your daily life easier. To name one, there’s this nifty feature that will let you save your parking location in Google Maps. Here’s how.

Save Your Parking Location In Google Maps

Here’s how to save your parking location on Google Maps.

  • Launch the Google Maps and turn on your GPS or location services.
  • Tap on to your current location i.e. the blue dot on the screen.
  • Tap on ‘Save your parking‘ from the menu.

What this does is it creates a label on the map that will let you identify where exactly your vehicle is parked.

To find your parked vehicle, check the maps with a ‘P’ icon saying ‘You parked here‘.


In addition to that, it also reminds you how much time left to keep your vehicle parked. You will be asked to add parking notes, time left for your vehicle parking and a photo of the place you are visiting or simply the photo of your vehicle parked.


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