How To Share Apple Music Song On Instagram & Facebook Story [Guide]

Ever seen an Instagram story playing music in the background. You might have seen some stories playing music with the album art and you thought people share a screenshot and add the music later. Well, that’s not it looks like. Why take a screenshot when you can directly share the song from the Apple Music?


If you have found the coolest song on Apple music that makes you day such that you want it to share on your Instagram to let know your friends about it, here’s a quick way you can share Apple Music song on Instagram story as well as Facebook story.

Share Apple Music Song On Instagram & Facebook

Sharing the song from Apple Music to your Instagram (also works for Facebook story) is easy. Here’s what you need to do. 

Go to Apple Music and select the song that you want to share with the Instagram story. If the song is currently playing, tap the three dots and tap ‘Share‘.

If the song isn’t playing3D Touch or long-press on the track, then select ‘Share Song‘. 

Choose Instagram (or Facebook) from the list of apps. If you can’t find the app, swipe to the bottom and tap ‘More‘ then choose the app under ‘Suggestions‘.

Note: This feature is brand new and currently works with iOS 13.4.5 which is under BETA. If you are using the iOS version 13.4 or lower, you won’t find it on Apple Music, nor it’s available on Android phones as of now. This feature remains exclusive to iOS 13.4.5 and later unless Apple makes it available to other versions.


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