How to share your PC Internet without using a WiFi Router [Guide]

If you just got an Internet Connection but you haven’t purchased a router yet don’t worry as you can still share your Internet connection if you are using Windows 10. Windows 10 comes with a lot of cool features and one of them is the “Mobile Hotspot” which many people aren’t aware of. Mobile Hotspot allows you to share your PC Internet connection with other people without using a router. Sounds Interesting? Read on to see how it’s done!

Sharing your PC Internet without using a WiFi Router:

1) Navigate to your Windows Settings and click on the globe-shaped icon which says “Network & Internet“.


2) Tap on the “Mobile Hotspot” tab in your Network Settings.


3) Configure your Hotspot by giving it a new name and a strong password.


4) Turn Mobile Hotspot on and you are ready to go. You can now connect up to 8 devices with your Hotspot turned on.


Final Result:


So this was our Guide on How to share your Internet Connection without using a WiFi Router. For more guides like this, make sure you check out our “How to Guides” section by clicking here.