How to show number row in GBoard [Google Keyboard]

Does your keyboard have a number row on top? It’s always annoying to press ?123 key to bring the numbers on the keyboard and long-pressing the QWERTY series to get the number typed if you are a fast typer, why not just add a number row to the keyboard?

If you are looking for adding a number row to your keyboard, preferably GBoard – Google Keyboard, then here’s a quick tip that will help you achieve it. Here’s how to show number row in GBoard – Google Keyboard on your Android.


How to show number row in GBoard on Android

  1. Search Keyboard in the Settings search bar and enter the Languages & Input. You can also jump to the Languages & Input in the Advanced Settings or System Settings.
  2. Tap on Virtual Keyboard and tap the GBoard for Google keyboard settings.
  3. Tap on Preferences and at the top, hit the slider Number row.

That’s all you’ve to do to show number row in GBoard on your Android smartphone. There’s plenty of stuff hidden in the GBoard Settings, you just need to explore them. Here are a few that we know, how to disable or enable haptic feedback in GBoardhow to quickly change keyboard language in GBoard and how to enable sound on keypress on the keyboard on your Android smartphone.



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