How to take a screenshot on Nubia Z11 Mini S [Guide]

Nubia Z11 Mini S is not just designed neatly, but it has tons of software features and gesture-based controls in it. If you are the one who has got this phone, you really need to see how many cool things you can do with Nubia Z11 Mini S. The Nubia Z11 Mini S runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow with Nubia UI 4.0 on top. We recently got our hands on with the Nubia Z11 Mini S and found out that it has various methods to take screenshots. Check out how to take a screenshot on Nubia Z11 Mini S.


How to take a screenshot on Nubia Z11 Mini S

There are three different methods to take a screenshot on Nubia Z11 Mini S.

Method 1: By Volume Down Key + Power Key (Quickly)

So far the most simple way is to press the Volume Down Key + Power Key to take screenshots. This way you can take screenshots easily, unlike phones that require you to press and hold this key combination.

Method 2: By Three Fingers

Taking screenshots aren’t limited to the physical keys, it also has the three fingers gesture control. To take screenshots using this gesture, all you need to do is swipe up or down with your three fingers. You probably need to turn on this feature under Settings -> Features -> Touch Gestures -> Tri finger screenshot.



Method 3: By Volume Down Key + Power Key (Press & Hold)

Nubia Z11 Mini S has a feature called SuperSnap that lets you take a number of screenshot variations. You can take rectangular, circular, heart-shaped, funny, as well as long screenshots. Choosing rectangle will take a full screenshot while other shapes will crop the image. On swiping from right to left will allow you to record the screen, and take scrolling screenshot (long screenshot) on swiping from left to right.



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