How to take a screenshot on Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch [Guide]

Samsung’s Gear S3 smartwatch isn’t just cool and stylish but it has a number of features integrated. To name a few, there is the amazing stainless steel rotating bezel that helps you navigate the user interface, you will find customizable watch faces to change the everyday look. Anyways, a smartwatch functions similar to a smartphone, so it is possible to take screenshots on a smartwatch. Wondering how to take a screenshot on your Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch? Read on to know.


How to take a screenshot on Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch

Unlike smartphones that take screenshots by pressing volume keys and power/home keys, taking screenshots on a smartwatch has a different approach. Samsung Gear S3 has two physical keys and one rotating bezel. The top button is used to go back while the latter is the home key. The rotating bezel acts as a volume button but it doesn’t play any role in taking screenshots.

To take a screenshot on Samsung Gear S3, hold the home button and swipe the screen from left to right.

  • Press and hold Home key
  • Swipe screen from left to right

Find the screenshots in the Gallery by visiting the Main Menu.

To enter the Main Menu, just press the home key once and rotate through the Gallery. Enter the Gallery to see your saved screenshots.



That’s all. Taking the screenshots on a smartwatch is much easier in my opinion. Try it out and see if it works for you.

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