How to track login location of your Facebook account [Guide]

It’s not just me, many of you log into your Facebook account in multiple devices be it mobile phones, PCs, tablets, or laptops. But that’s not it, what if you are logged in to Facebook in your friend’s device or public computers available in schools, libraries, or other places? How do you know on where and on which device you’ve logged into Facebook.


Aren’t sure if you have logout Facebook from other devices? Logging in to Facebook account on any device that’s publically accessible means your privacy can be a risk and your account can be compromised. Not all people log out from Facebook after they are done using it.

What if I told you that you can track the location and device of your Facebook session logged in, it’s not as complicated as you think, all you need to do is this.

Easily Track Login Location Of Your Facebook Account

Check all active login sessions of your Facebook, go to Facebook Settings. Tap the three lines on your Android and scroll down to the Settings & Privacy.

Tap Security and Login and you can see where you’re logged in, it shows you the device name/type and the place of active session.

If you are on a desktop computer, log in to Facebook, click the small arrow on the right to bring down the menu and enter the Settings. Click on Security and login and click see more to list all the login sessions.

Tap on the session to remove or log out from the selected device to end a session. The device then cannot access your Facebook account anymore without your login and password.




Whenever you think you have an active Facebook logged in to other devices you don’t remember, track login location of your Facebook account with this method.

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