How to type Rupee symbol on your Android smartphone [Guide]

What if I told you that you can type a Rupee symbol on your Android smartphones too. While surfing the internet, you have seen the Rupee symbol everywhere but wanted to type it on your phone. People used to type Rs or INR for adding a Rupee symbol, but after the Rupee symbol was introduced in India, it’s available to type on desktop computers. Here’s a simple guide on how to type Rupee symbol on your Android smartphone.


How to type Rupee symbol on Android

If you are using the Gboard app, things are easier for you. If you have a built-in keyboard app or a third party app, change it to Gboard by installing the Gboard app from the Google Play store. Gboard allows you to type a Rupee symbol on your Android smartphone.

Download and install the latest version of the Gboard below on your Android, and then switch to Gboard

Gboard for Android

  • Head to Settings, you can easily enter the settings by tapping and holding on the Comma,‘.
  • Alternately, go to Settings -> Language & Input -> Gboard -> Languages and tap on Add Keyboard.
  • Choose English (India) from the given languages.

Once done, head back to what you were typing on and tap the ‘?123’ button on the keyboard. You will see a Rupee symbol button, that’s all you need.




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