How to click RAW photos on OnePlus 6T [Guide]

OnePlus 6T packs a 16 MP f/1.7 Sony IMX519 sensor and a 20 MP f/1.7 Sony IMX376K sensor that is capable of capturing beautiful images. The camera captures RAW images too, RAW images are lossless images that captures the maximum details in a photo. Want to know how to take RAW photos on OnePlus 6T? This guide will help you out.


How To click RAW Photos on OnePlus 6T

To take pictures in RAW format on your OnePlus 6T, launch the Camera app, tap on the upward facing arrow at the bottom, select Pro Mode.

Once you enter Pro mode, on top, you will find an option to enable/disable capturing RAW images. Tap it and turn it on as shown. Now you can capture the highest possible details from the OnePlus 6T camera.

  • Go to Camera App -> Pro Mode -> Raw.


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