32 OnePlus 6T tips, tricks, and hidden features to make the most out of it

OnePlus 6T has been finally launched in India and we have gathered the tips, tricks, and hidden features for you to make the most out of your OnePlus 6T. Here are the 32 OnePlus 6T tips and tricks and hidden features that we found.


1) Make Use Of In-Display Fingerprint Scanner

OnePlus 6T comes with an in-display fingerprint scanner, the physical scanner on the back is removed. With the new fingerprint scanner onboard, you can unlock the phone by placing your thumb on the screen where the fingerprint sign glows.

To activate the in-display fingerprint scanner, go to Settings -> Security & lock screen -> Fingerprint and add your fingerprints.

2) Quick Launch Apps With Fingerprint Scanner

Another notable feature of the new in-display fingerprint scanner is to open apps with it. Sounds cool, you should also be able to quickly launch the apps with your fingerprints, all you need to do is press and hold on the in-display fingerprint scanner until you see the apps shortcut.

To activate it, go to Settings -> Utilities -> Quick Launch and turn on the Slider. Choose the apps you want to keep under the Shortcut settings below it.



3) Disable Waterdrop Notch

Just like the OnePlus 6, the OnePlus 6T comes with a notch, however, the size of the notch is significantly reduced. It’s now shaped as a waterdrop which means you are free from the bigger notch that you see on the OnePlus 6. But, you still want to remove the notch and want a flat bezel, you can simply disable the notch and add the back bars to it.

To get rid of the waterdrop notch, head over to the Settings -> Display -> Notch display menu and select the option ‘Hide the notch area‘. This will add the black bars around the notch area making the notch invisible to you.


4) Run Apps In Full Screen

If you are keeping the notch, and want the apps to utilize the full-screen mode with the notch enabled, you have the option to run the apps in full screen. Beware that you will encounter a notch cut out in it and with that the notch will simply block the area of the app.

To run apps in full-screen mode, go to Settings -> Display -> App display in full screen and select the apps. If the app content is blocked by the notch, go back to the Default mode.


5) Take Three Finger Screenshots

Taking screenshots with power and volume keys is too mainstream, try this new three fingerprint gesture which will make things easier. Swipe your three fingers on the screen downwards to take a screenshot, no buttons required.

Enable it under Settings -> Buttons & gestures -> Quick gestures and turn on the slider ‘Three-finger screenshot‘.


6) Apply Dark Theme

OnePlus 6T also offers Dark theme (or Light theme) and change the accent colors. Want to see? Check out the screenshot attached below. Go to Settings -> Display -> Theme and choose Dark. Just below it, you can choose the Accent color to your choice.



7) Run Dual Apps

Not just me, some of you also want to run two apps of the same kind. Running two WhatsApps, Facebook, Instagram or any other supported apps is possible with the Parallel Apps feature. On your OnePlus 6T, go to Settings -> Utilities -> Parallel Apps and choose the apps you want to clone.


8) Quickly Open Camera

Tried the fastest way to open the camera on your OnePlus 6T? Did you know you can quickly open the camera by pressing the Power button twice? Head to the Settings -> Buttons & gestures -> Quick turn on camera and turn on the slider.


9) Capture Images In RAW Format

The camera on the OnePlus 6T is capable of snapping RAW images, here’s how you can do it. To take pictures in RAW format on your OnePlus 6T, launch the Camera, tap on the upward facing arrow at the bottom, select Pro Mode.

Once you are in Pro mode, on top, there’s an option to enable/disable RAW format. Tap it and turn it on as shown. Now you can capture the highest possible details from the OnePlus 6T camera.


10) Quickly Activate Assistant

Aside from the opening the camera quickly, the same key can be used to trigger the Google Assistant. Hold the Power Button for 0.5 seconds to activate the assistant app and 3 seconds for power off.

Enable it under the Settings -> Buttons & gestures -> Quick activate the assistant app and turn on the slider.


11) Make Use Of Navigation Gestures

Like the OnePlus 6, the same navigation gestures can be found on the OnePlus 6T. Navigate through the UI by using different gestures on the screen instead of using the on-screen navigation buttons.

How Gesture Navigation works

Swipe up from the bottom center edge of the screen to go to the Home screen. Swipe from the left or right side of the bottom of the screen to go back. Swipe up from the bottom center edge of the screen and pause for recent apps menu.

Go to Settings -> Buttons & gestures -> Navigation bar & gestures and select the last option Navigation gestures.


12) Swap Navigation Buttons

This is for those who still rely on the on-screen button navigation, if you want the back button on the right side and the recent button on the left side, swap them from the same menu we mentioned above. Go to Settings -> Buttons & gestures -> Navigation bar & gestures -> Navigation bar customizations and turn on the slider Swap buttons.


13) Try The New Android Pie Navigation Gestures

Google introduced the Android Pie with the native gesture-based navigation system. It’s fast and easy to get your hands and learn it. Tapping the Home button will take you to the homescreen, swiping right will open last used app, swiping up will open recent apps, and swiping up and drag will open the App drawer. The back button remains to be the same on the left side.

How Android Pie Gesture Navigation works

  • Tap Once: Takes you to the Homescreen.
  • Short Swipe (Upwards): Opens up recent apps menu
  • Long Swipe (Upwards): Opens up the app drawer.
  • Short Swipe (Right Side): Switches to last used app
  • Long Swipe (Sidewards): Allows you to move the recent apps and switch to it.

Enable the Android Pie gesture-based navigation under the Settings -> Buttons & gestures -> Navigation bar & gestures and select the second option Back, Home.


14) Hide System Navigation Bar

With the new dewdrop notch design, the OnePlus 6T has plenty of screen space, but you can extend the screen to full by removing the on-screen navigation keys. If you have moved to gesture-based navigation or you want to keep it hidden and call it on swipe, hide the navigation bar at the bottom.

Go to the Settings -> Buttons & gestures -> Navigation bar & gestures -> Navigation bar customizations and select the Hide navigation bar option. This will add a small button to the navigation bar which will toggle the hide settings. Swipe upwards from the bottom to bring the navigation bar on the screen.


15) Flip To Mute

Flip the device on incoming calls to mute it. Enable it under the Settings -> Buttons & gestures -> Quick gestures -> Flip to mute.


16) Answer Calls By Gesture

If you want to answer the calls without pressing any buttons or swiping up the green on-screen button, try this gesture. Answer incoming calls automatically by raising the phone to the ear. Turn it on under Settings -> Buttons & gestures -> Quick gestures -> Answer calls by gesture, enable the slider.


17) Double Tap To Wake

A handy feature or gesture that will unlock the phone (or wake the phone if you have secured with the fingerprint scanner, PIN, or password) by double tapping anywhere on the screen when in a locked state. To enable this feature, go to Settings -> Buttons & gestures -> Quick gestures -> Double tap to wake.


18) Double Tap To Lock

Another handy feature you can make use of is to lock the phone by double tapping on the homescreen. Double tapping on the empty area on the homescreen will lock the device. Press and hold an empty area o the Homescreen, select Home Settings -> Double tap to lock.

19) Control Music With Screen-Off Gestures

Control music by these screen-off gestures you can do when the phone is locked. No need to unlock the phone just to play, pause, or change the music (next or previous music). Draw || with two fingers to play or pause music. Draw < or > for previous or next track.

Head to the Settings -> Buttons & gestures -> Quick gestures -> Music control.


20) Show Battery Percentage In Status Bar

By default, the battery percentage isn’t shown under the status bar. To bring back the battery percentage in the status bar, go to Settings -> Display -> Status bar and enable the slider Show battery percentage. Check the status bar and you will see the remaining battery percentage.


21) Show Network Speed In Status Bar

Also, you can add the network speed indicator in the same settings menu, just hit the slider that says Display network speed.


22) Change Battery Style

You can also change the battery style if you prefer the battery icon in a circular style or in a bar style. Under the Status bar, tap the Battery style option to change the battery style.


23) Change Clock Style

If you want to add seconds to the clock, change the clock style in the Settings -> Display -> Status bar -> Time.


24) Manage Status Bar Icons

Did you know you can keep the icons you want in the status bar, manage the icons in the Status bar under the Settings -> Display and choose the icons you want to show in the status bar.


25) Customize Ambient Display

The OnePlus 6T comes with ‘Ambient display’ that shows you a glance at the notifications and clock. It’s quite basic, but you can customize the Ambient screen in the Display -> Ambient display settings. Try it.


26) Pocket Mode

Prevent accidental screen touches or fingerprint operations when the OnePlus 6T is in your pocket. Turn on this option called Pocked mode under Settings -> Utilities.


27) Gaming Mode

If you are interrupted by constant notifications or WhatsApp messages, calls or any other alerts, simply turn on the Gaming Mode under the Settings -> Utilities -> Gaming mode.


28) Schedule Power On/Off

It’s better to turn off the phone during the night if you are trying to save the battery by turning off the mobile data and Wi-Fi just to get a deep sleep. Schedule the phone to power on and off automatically using the Scheduled power on/off feature. To do so, head over to the Settings > Utilities -> Scheduled power on/off and select the timers for it.


29) Customize Alert Slider

The Alert Slider provided on the right side of the phone can be customized, go to Settings-> Alert slider and choose the settings you are comfortable with. Take a look at the screenshot below.


30) Make Use Of Reading Mode

OnePlus 6T also comes with a Reading mode builtin. If you are reading something on your phone, add the app in the Reading mode list so that the color temperature is automatically adjusted according to it. Head to Settings -> Display -> Reading mode and add the desired apps.


31) Make Use Of Night Mode

Aside from the Reading mode, the OnePlus 6T can enter the Night mode for you, all you need is enable it under the Settings -> Display -> Night mode. This will filter out the blue light emitted from the screen which is harmful to the eyes.


32) Enable USB OTG

If you want to plug USB devices on your OnePlus 6T, devices like USB drive, USB mouse, or USB keyboard, the OnePlus 6T can run them when you turn on the USB OTG. If you are carrying a pen drive, and want to access it on your OnePlus 6T, grab a USB OTG converter/adapter and plug it in. Make sure you have enabled the USB OTG feature under the Settings -> System -> USB OTG.


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