HP develops 3D screens to be viewed without glasses

While all the current 3D displays are quite ineffective as they require special viewing glasses, HP claims to have revolutionised 3D displays with its innovative technology. The new display do not require glasses or other accessories for viewing.


According to HP, it has developed a 3D screen for mobile devices that requires no glasses for viewing. The earlier 3D displays required the user to be directly in front and centre in order to see the 3D effect. But using new technology, HP has developed the display in such a manner that the user can see a 3D effect with the display and user at as much as a 45 degree viewing angle.

This has been mainly possible due to nanotechnology, which involves multiple circles with tiny grooves etched into the glass allowing for up to 64 different points of view. The 3D effect is produced when the grooves bend light and allow the user to see two points at one time, one with each eye, thus requiring no glasses.