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HTC Accord aka HTC 8X spotted in the wild

We know that HTC has an event scheduled for tomorrow where the company is expected to launch as many as three new Windows Phone 8 running smartphones along with a few Android ones.


And Widows Phone 8 OS running HTC Accord (code name) has been the one which has leaked constantly over the past few days.

We saw the images of the HTC Accord leak earlier this month and now the device has been spotted in the wild. PhoneArena was tipped with a picture which shows the Accord in the same Purple colour.
The device in the picture is shown with the lock mode of the Windows Phone activated so there is no clue as to which OS the device is running on but we expect it is running on the Windows Phone 8 OS only.

HTC-WP-8X-Leak It is also being said that the device is heading over to Verizon’s network in the US after the launch as it runs on the radio which is supported by the operator. The HTC Accord is also rumoured to arrive under the official name of HTC 8X.

Check out the leaked and rumoured specifications of the HTC 8X aka HTC Accord over here.