HTC’s new unibody design uses Oxidated Aircraft-grade Aluminium [Video]

The newly announced HTC One series did leave some fans in awe thanks to its smart looks and great piece of hardware. The unibody design has been a trademark for HTC since last year, and they continue the tradition with the line of Android devices.


So how is the body of the new One S made? HTC gives a quick preview of how it is done.

The new design has something that is called Micro Arc Oxidation. The video below shows why it is much better than standard aluminium used in most of their old devices.

What HTC has done is that they have taken aircraft-grade aluminium and treated it with 10,000 volts of electricity, which attacks the metal on a microscopic level and creates a ceramic surface on top of the aluminium. This ceramic coating means that the One S unibody will not be prone to any scratches. This kind of technology is used in race cars and even by NASA for its satellites. How cool is that!!