HTC to launch Ubuntu tablet alongwith HTC One?

With just a few hours remaining for the grand unveiling of the HTC One which was earlier called the HTC M7, speculations are rife that it may not be the only device to look for at the event. HTC may also launch a tablet today.


In a tweet by HTC, a picture showed a table with covered devices. There were at least 12 devices covered under the black cloth pieces. Interestingly one device seemed a little bigger than the rest devices which were of standard mobile size.

This particular covered device looked to be a 10 inch device and could possibly be a tablet from HTC. Now get this, Ubuntu has posted a timer that ends exactly when the HTC event begins. So if this isn’t mere coincidence, the alleged HTC tablet may run on the new Ubuntu Phone OS for mobile devices.

Besides this photo, HTC also posted a few more, one of which shows an SLR lens with the numbers 2, 19 and 13 on the body of the lens which indicates the probable 13 megapixel camera the HTC One is supposed to have.