Huawei P20 Lite – Top Tips and Tricks – Hidden Features

Huawei P20 Lite is the mid-range device with a premium build. It has Hisilicon Kirin 659, along with 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage. It’s running on EMUI 8.0 based on Android 8.0, which has a ton of features under its sleeve. So, let’s explore a some of the features along with the top tips and tricks here.


1. Face Unlock:

It’s 2018, so this is one of the most required features on any smartphone. And you would be glad to know that Huawei P20 Lite offers this to you. Here’s how you can enable this feature: Go to Settings➞Security & Privacy➞Face Unlock. Enroll your Face in that and Voila, it’s done. You can also select whether your device should be unlocked automatically or slide the screen to unlock the device. Also, you can enable Smart lock screen notifications, which would show notifications only when it recognizes your face.



2. Changing Navigation Button Style:

The navigation bar comes with default settings of back, home and recent buttons respectively. But, you can change these buttons according to your liking by doing this: Go to Settings➞System➞System Navigation➞Navigation Bar. Here, select the style whichever suits the best for you. You can turn slide on the Navigation Bar in there which would enable you to hide the Navigation Bar, resulting into more immersive experience for your device.



3. Navigation Dock:

Have you ever seen the one touch button on iPhone? If yes, then this is the one button navigation system for your Huawei P20 Lite. This would help you to navigate even without navigation bar at the bottom and would increase the one-handed usage capabilities for your device. Enable it by performing the following steps: Go to Settings➞System➞System Navigation➞Navigation Dock➞Turn it on by sliding on that button.



4. Screen Recording:

Do you want to record your screen? If yes, then this is how it can be done: Slide down the notification panel➞Touch Screen Recording Button➞Press Agree and your screen recording begins right there. You can also tick “Do not show this again” if you don’t want to click on agree every time you start recording. If you don’t see that button for screen recording, this is how you can enable it: Slide down the notification panel➞Click on that pencil button➞Drag the screen recording button.



5.Motion Control:

Motion control enables you to use Flip to mute, pick up device gestures and three finger screenshots. For using your device in a better way, you can enable Motion Control on your Huawei P20 Lite by following these steps: Go to Settings➞Smart Assistance➞Motion Control. There you will find three options as follows:


A. Flip to mute:

Click on Flip to mute and you’ll be able to see two options:

1. Mute incoming calls: Turning this on would help you to mute incoming calls by simply flipping your device.
2. Mute timers and alarms: By turning it on, you can now simply flip your device to mute when your timers or alarms goes on.


B. Pick up device:

You would see the following options when you click on Pick Up:

1. Reduce the ringtone volume for incoming calls: Turn this on and now, by just raising the device would reduce the ringtone volume for any of your incoming calls.
2. Reduce the tone volume for timers and alarms: If you turn this on, your device would know when you raise your device when an alarm/timer goes on and reduce the volume immediately.
3. Wake up device: Raising your device would turn on the screen if you have this enabled. This would better match up when you have Face Unlock enabled. So, if have face Unlock and Wake up Device turned on, you’ll get straight into your device without clicking any buttons.



Three Finger Screenshot:

Clicking on this option would give show you an option to turn on this feature. Slide that option


6. Mini Screen View/One handed UI:

This would again help you to use your device single handed. This would turn your screen into a mini screen. To enable this, Go to Settings➞Smart Assistance➞One-handed UI➞Mini Screen View➞Slide the button to turn it on. Once you turn it on, you can enter the mini screen view by sliding right on the navigation bar. To exit that view, slide left on the navigation bar or touch on the outer part of the mini screen.



7. App Twin:

This would enable you to use two instances of the same app on your smartphone. You can use two accounts of WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, etc. on the same device by using this feature. To enable this, follow these steps: Go to Settings➞Apps & Notifications➞App Twin➞Enable the apps according to your choice.



8. Display Battery Percentage:

There are two ways to display battery percentage on Huawei P20 Lite. Let’s learn how to enable it using the easier way. Here are the steps to enable it: Go to Setting➞Battery➞Battery Percentage➞Select Next to icon/In icon according to your preference.



9. Changing Screen Resolution:

Changing your screen resolution to HD+ can enable you to get better battery life by compromising on the quality of the display. You can use higher screen resolution to get sharper display, but it would use more battery. You can do this by performing these steps: Go to Settings➞Display➞Screen Resolution. You can also select smart resolution, which would automatically lower the screen resolution to help save battery.



10. Hiding Notch:

As you already know that this Huawei P20 Lite has a notch, but the good news is that you can disable it if you don’t like the looks of it. To hide the notch, perform these steps: Go to Setting➞Display➞Notch➞Hide Notch.



11. Full Screen Display:

Some of the apps are not fully compatible with the notch. So, if you want to take the advantage of that full screen display, you can force those apps to use the full screen by enabling it here: Go to Setting➞Display➞Full Screen Display. Enable the apps for which you would like to experience the full screen display.



12. Ride Mode:

Enabling the Ride Mode on Huawei P20 Lite would send an auto-answer, either by voice or text. You can also set the text which you want to send to the caller. To enable this, you can do this by following these steps: Go to Settings➞System➞Ride Mode.



13. Home Screen Style:

Don’t like all the apps getting cluttered on your home screen? There’s a way you can enable the app drawer, straight from the inbuilt settings. Follow these steps to enable this: Go to Settings➞Display➞Home Screen Style.



14. Changing Font Style:

As of typing this, there is one more inbuilt font style available in the system, other than the Default one. You can change the font style on Huawei P20 Lite by following these steps: Go to Settings➞Display➞Text Style.



15. Private Space:

Private Space helps you to use two phones on the same device. When you create a private space, it would create a replica of your device (as it came from the factory) and then you can add various apps according to your preference. You can also associate a specific fingerprint with the private space and whenever you open your device using that associated fingerprint, it would directly open in the private space. It can be helpful when you want to give your device to a kid. Enabling PrivateSpace on Huawei P20 Lite is easy and you can do it by following these steps: Go to Settings➞Security & Privacy➞PrivateSpace.



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