Huawei plans to unveil its fastest ‘Future of Mobile Communications’ device at MWC

So this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) is really going to be one interesting event. With Nokia making an appearance after 2 years’ gap, Samsung skipping it, here we have Huawei announcing that it’ll be at the event unveiling their fastest Smartphone till date. 


Huawei is sending out media invites stating ‘You have heard the rumours… now see for yourself as Huawei Device takes a leap into future of mobile communications to unveil their fastest Smartphone yet.’ The invite is indeed interesting and also it is interesting as to how to this ‘future of mobile communications’ device will be. At this year’s CES, we saw Huawei unveil the Ascend P1 which was the slimmest Smartphone at just 6.7mm thickness.

So will we see a quad-core Smartphone from Huawei this time at MWC? Well seems so as a Japanese blog is reporting that the device that Huawei plans to unveil will be called the Ascend D1 Q. So if then S in Ascend P1 S was slim, then the Q in the D1 could be quad-core. 

With all these devices, Huawei is surely challenging the biggies to come out strong and much sooner. Few more days and we’ll know it all at the MWC.