Rumor: Apple might be working on an 8-inch iPad?

Another iPad 3 rumor is doing the rounds. Well, if the Wall Street Journal is to be believed, Apple might be working on a smaller version of its iPad. So, what is it really an iPad 2S, an iPad 3 or an 8-inch iPad? Read on.
ipad_display  It seems Apple is working on various prototypes for the next version of its iPad. Already some details have poured in such as a retina display, an A6 processor ad finally a thicker iPad. But the drama continues.

So, how does an 8-inch iPad make any difference? There is no doubt that Apple has been leading the tablet market for the past two years. But at the same time, we have had a tablet downpour. There are a lot of Android tablets out there, especially ones like the Samsung Galaxy Tab that are eating into iPad’s market share. So, it seems wise on Apple’s part to try to match up to the market. If Apple innovates in size and price, it might come out something that keeps its position cemented as the king of the tablet market.

We are pretty much game for a smaller, cheaper iPad but we don’t think it would be launching next month, which is said to be a tentative time frame for the launch of the next iPad. But then, only Apple knows for sure.