How to use iCloud Keychain for managing passwords

Password managers have been a popular tool for users, including those with iOS and macOS devices. While there are lots of such tools available, the company has now increasing its own efforts for offering a password manager. And this comes from Apple in the form of iCloud Keychain.

While the Apple’s iCould Keychain has been made available since past few years, the company has been making it more powerful and capable with new release on iOS and macOS. For instance, the company has now added new features that can create strong and unique passwords for each website and app. The password then gets automatically stored in iCloud Keychain and can be easily accessed from all connected devices.

How to setup iCloud Keychain

  • Open System Preferences app
  • Go to the iCloud app
  • Enable “Keychain” by ticking the checkbox

If you are using an iOS device, use the following steps:

  • Open Settings
  • Tap your name at the top
  • Select “iCloud”
  • Look for “Keychain” and make sure it’s toggled “On”


How to access passwords

  • Open Settings on iOS
  • Scroll down to “Passwords & Accounts”
  • Tap “Website & App Passwords”
  • Authenticate via Face ID or Touch ID

If you are using macOS, the follow these steps:

  • Open Safari
  • Click “Safari” in the menu bar
  • Open the “Preferences” section
  • Look for “Passwords” on the top

Once done, you will come across a clear list of passwords and login information for every website.

Why use iCloud Keychain?

The use of iCloud Keychain will make your browsing experience much smoother and it will present itself at almost any login screen. This will allow you to easily access your username and password as well as it also offers autofill suggestions for card payments, address, and more. It will also warn you if you’ve reused the same password on multiple websites. It will also provide a quick link to change your password on a service’s website.