Idea may cut data rates; To launch own 3G service in Delhi

While Idea, Airtel and Vodafone are allowed to provide 3G roaming services after TDSAT quashed the ban by DoT, Idea now plans on having its own 3G services in Delhi.


According to the Chief Marketing Officer of Idea Cellular, Shashi Shankar, Idea Cellular would be launching 3G services in Delhi on its own spectrum by end of the year. The 900 MHz airwaves that it won in the recent auction are expected to be utilized for servicing the customers as soon as they are released by the government.

Not just that but the operator also has plans to cut data rates, something that will be a welcomed with joy by the customers given that most operators are raising tariffs and slashing discounts. The move is expected to attract more customers for the company’s mobile internet services. We can also expect offers on 3G data packs for customers.