IDEA’s campaign wins Best Celebrity Endorsement of the Year Award

idea IDEA cellular’s Abhishek Bachchan add campaign has received the best brand ambassador of the year award of NDTV Techlife Awards 2009. The trophy was jointly received by Abhishek Bachchan and Pradeep Shrivastava, Chief Marketing Officer, IDEA Cellular.

IDEA’s popular tagline ‘What an idea, Sirji!’ has generated tremendous recall value for the brand, amongst the masses. The unique and innovative communication has been designed by IDEA to establish itself as a ‘Champion’ mobile services brand. Through its campaign, IDEA resonates with consumers beyond transactional offers by looking at mobile telephony as more than a mere communication device.

“It is a great honour to win the title of best brand ambassador for the IDEA,” Abhishek said in a statement. “The IDEA campaign carries a socially relevant message in today’s commercial environment and the brilliant concept of encouraging two way communication between the government and people has connected with millions across India,” he added.

DEA’s ad campaigns based on the theme of ‘Democracy’; ‘Championing a world without caste’; ‘Championing a world in which no one suffers from the disability to communicate’; and ‘Education for All’, have been a huge success amongst all categories of audience.

In all these campaigns, the Brand Ambassador has played a protagonist who connects with both the masses, and the classes. Be it the ‘close aide’ of the political leader in our Democracy campaign; or the ‘Sarpanch’ trying to get rid of caste wars; or the ‘Tourist Guide’ with a foreigner at Taj; or even the ‘Priest’ who has the vision of Educating One and All—each time the character has sprung up with an innovative ‘Idea’ which provides a simple yet effective solution to a problem, by using the mobile phone.