Images of 10 inch BlackBerry PlayBook leak

Images of the long rumoured 10 inch BlackBerry Playbook from Research In Motion (RIM) have emerged on the web showing us how the larger version of the 7 inch PlayBook might look on arrival.


The 10 inch tablet from RIM was supposedly to launch this year but was later rumoured to have been cancelled but with the images appearing today all around the web, it seems that RIM might have decided to start up with the project again.

In the images, the 10 inch Playbook is stacked up along with the 7 inch PlayBook and even with the 9.7 inch Apple iPad to let know the larger screen and size the tablet will arrive with.


There is also a SIM slot which might be for a 4G connectivity that has also been long rumoured and awaited on the PlayBook. The screen aspect seems to be that of 4:3 ratio and the bezel around the screen keeps the look of the original PlayBook. There is a front facing and also a rear facing camera on this leaked PlayBook.

We are expecting the release of this 10 inch PlayBook probably codenamedBlackForest’ with 4G to now happen in Q3 of 2013 as per the leaked roadmap of RIM. Also a smaller 7 inch BlackBerry PlayBook with 4G is expected to arrive in Q4 2012.