iMessage bug victim gets an iPod Touch for her troubles

Apple iDevices are increasingly becoming controversial. Sometime ago, we reported that someone got a clay slab instead of an iPad and finally got the real thing after much back and forth. Well, here’s another interesting story for you folks.
An Apple customer, going just by the letter K reported her iPhone stolen last year. K did not wipe her data off her iPhone using third-party apps, but rather had her SIM deactivated. But then she was surprised when she got to know that her iPhone was still receiving iMessages from her friends. K tried every nook and corner. She contactedthe Apple store and tried her best to get through. She even reset her Apple ID.

Then, Apple told her to ask everyone to stop iMessaging her, which she felt wasn’t justified. Apple, after much back and forth finally gave K an iPod Touch in return for her inconvenience.

While K got a good compensation, the basic issues lies in iMessage. Apple needs to fix iMessage soon, if it doesn’t want customer to shift to more secure phones. This kind of ineptitude from the world’s biggest phone company towards its consumers is hardly tolerable.