Instagram starts testing ‘Creator Accounts’ with special tools for influencers and celebs

Those of you who are well-versed with Instagram probably know that there are a total of three types of Instagram accounts – Private, Public, and Business. Business accounts are basically public accounts with some extra features like post analytics. These are generally used by brands, influencers, and celebs. However, Instagram now wants to offer these users a customized experience, and hence, it has started testing ‘Creator Accounts’.

Example of an Instagram business account

According to a report by The Hollywood Reporter, Instagram has started testing special accounts called ‘Creator Accounts’ for influencers, creators, and celebs. These creator accounts are like business accounts, but they come with special tools that are unavailable for other types of Instagram accounts.

These creator accounts come with features like growth insights which offers data pertaining to followers and unfollowers which should help high-profile individuals get an idea of what may have led to an increase in the number of their followers, and what may have caused a decline.

The creator accounts will also come with flexible labels that would let users choose how others can contact them. In addition to that, users will also be able to filter messages as well as notes by using direct messaging tools. Furthermore, they will also be able to rank their pending requests so that they don’t miss out on any important updates.

We want to make sure that Instagram is the best place, and the easiest place, to build fan communities and also build [creators’] personal brands,” said Ashley Yuki, Product Manager, Instagram.

These new features are being tested by a small group of famous Instagram users and will be rolled out widely next year.