Instagram has started rolling out Dark Mode for Android and iOS users

Instagram from Facebook was reported working on introducing a dark mode on its application and the day has finally come. The company has now started out a new update of the app which brings Dark Mode to both the platforms Android and iOS.

The company has said that the Dark Mode will turn on automatically on iOS 13 and Android 10 once you have turned the Dark Mode on your device. Further, the company has also said that if the phone doesn’t have the latest Android 10 but the custom UI supports Dark Mode, such as MIUI and One UI, the dark mode will be triggered automatically.

As reported, the Dark Mode feature on Instagram is an AMOLED dark theme which means that the background colours are black. The AMOLED Dark theme used by Instagram is different from the dark greys found in many Google apps and this might not save battery life to a large extent.

However, Dark Mode is a welcome change as it is good for your eyes sometimes and it also makes the experience of using the app during the night time better. You cannot enable or disable Dark Mode on Instagram manually and the feature is linked to the system-wide dark mode settings.

How to enable Dark Mode on Instagram?

  • Update to the latest version of Instagram
  • Enable system-wide dark mode on your smartphone from ‘Settings’
  • Open the updated Instagram app and experience the new Dark Mode!