Instagram quietly launches Instagram Lite

Instagram had recently revamped its mobile website which launched last month, designed for the developing world. Later, we saw them launching IGTV globally. Now, following that launch train, they’ve released yet another app, Instagram Lite.


They launched this app quietly without making any official announcement. Instagram Lite for Android was spotted on the Google Play Store today. Instagram Lite is a small app, meaning it’s lite on your storage. Other than saving space on your device, this app also saves your data as it downloads really quick. The Instagram Lite is just 573 kilobytes in size, which is 1/55th the size of the main Instagram app at 32 megabytes.

Instagram Lite would allow you to add filters, post photos to feed or stories, watch stories and even browse the Explore page. But currently it lacks the options to share videos or sending Direct Messages to friends. Adding those lacking features seems to be on their list of priorities and might be added later this year.

Instagram Lite would help mobile users who’re still using their older devices with less storage space. Also, it would help people who are living in regions with slower network connections, or who can’t afford big data packages. With this new app, those users can download this app without worrying to delete any other apps or waiting for a long time or even paying more for data packages.

An Instagram spokesperson confirmed that Instagram Lite began testing in Mexico this week and provided this statement: “We are testing a new version of Instagram for Android that takes up less space on your device, uses less data, and starts faster.” There is no confirmation whether this app would include ads or not.

Recently, the trend of Lite apps has been picking up pace and Instagram has finally joined it. Facebook had already launched Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite earlier and has received a huge success. Even Uber had launched its Lite app earlier this month. So, it’s good that Instagram has also joined this trend. Now, whether Snapchat comes with a Snapchat Lite app or not remains to be seen.

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