Instagram working on Bolt, a Snapchat competitor

Facebook recently launched Slingshot, a new app to compete against Snapchat and apparently, Instagram is working on another app dubbed Bolt to take on Snapchat.


Instagram has accidentally revealed the existence of Bolt on its Android app. People using the official Instagram app on Android came across links of the app Bolt, which is said to be “one tap photo messaging app”.

Facebook has been trying hard to bring an app to match the success of Snapchat. It first tried to acquire Snapchat and when that did not happen, it brought Poke, a Snapchat competitor which failed and recently, Slingshot, which seems bound to fail. Now, the company might be aiming to take on Snapchat with the help of Instagram and the new ‘Bolt’ app.

We have no details around the new Bolt app Instagram aka Facebook is working on but we should know pretty soon, considering Instagram accidently started advertising it. Well, we’ll keep you posted for sure.