How to install additional Watch Faces on your Mi Band 4 [Guide]

On 11th June 2019, Xiaomi launched its Mi Band 4 in China which featured a full-colored AMOLED display and a heart rate monitor. The Mi Band 4 has gone so popular because of its pricing and features that many Indians have also started importing from China with the use of websites like AliExpress and GearBest. We hope that Xiaomi launches the Mi Band 4 in India soon meanwhile for the people who already own a Mi Band 4, in this guide we are gonna show you how to install additional Watch Faces on it.

Installing Additional Watch Faces on Mi Band 4:

Step 1– Open Play Store and Download the MiBand4 App. It’s a third party software that allows you to install additional Watch Faces on your Mi Band.


Step 2– Open the MiBand4 App and select the watch face you love. It has thousands of Watch Faces in the app and some of them include PUBG, Iron Man, Spiderman, and my all-time favorite, the Rick and Morty watch face.


Step 3– Once you’ve selected a watch face you’ll get two choices which are Download and Install. Downloading will just save the watch face on your Device whereas Install will Install the watch face on your Mi Band 4. Click on the Install Button.


Step 4– Once you have clicked the Install Button open your Mi Fit App and under the profile section click on Mi Band 4 and head on to watch face settings. There you’ll find a section saying “My Band Displays” click on that and you’ll see the watch face there. Select it, hit the sync button and the new Watch Face will be installed on your Mi Band 4.


That’s all for this guide. Which watch face are you installing next? Let us know in the comments below and for more amazing guides like this, make sure you check out our Guides section.