How to install Skins on Steam [Guide]

Since you are here, we’ll assume that you don’t have a skin Installed on your Steam client and you’ll be doing a fresh start. So before we get started with the Installation process let me tell you where you can find skins for your Steam client.

Finding Skins for Steam

There are plenty of websites on the Internet which provide steam skins but one of the most popular and a trusted website is SteamSkins. On this website, you can download a lot of skins and you can even get your skin published by mailing them. In this guide, we are installing Metro and the Air skin for Steam but you can download any skin you love. Let’s get started.


Installing Skins on Steam

Step 1 –  Download your favorite Steam skin on your PC. We’ve downloaded Metro and Air and in this guide, we’ll be installing both the skins. It is to be noted that you’ll have to extract the skin if its in a Zip/ RAR file format.


Step 2– Once you have downloaded the skins, paste them in the skins folder which will be present in Steam’s program files.


Step 3– Open the steam client and go to Settings. Once you’ve opened the settings menu select the Interface tab in the left column.


Step 4 – There you’ll find an option saying Select the skin which you want to use. Click on the down arrow and you’ll find your Installed skins. Select your skin and click OK. That’s all Steam will restart the client and your skin will get applied successfully.


Final Result

Metro Skin on Steam
Metro Skin on Steam
Metro Skin on Steam

So that’s all for this guide. Which guide would you like to see next? Let us know in the comments below.