Instant capture, light-field camera might be the highlights of next iPhone

If everything falls into place, Steve Jobs’ dream of reinventing photography through the iPhone might become true with the next generation iPhone. Lytro, a firm that specializes in making light field camera had been in talks with Jobs, as explained in the upcoming book, ‘Inside Apple.’
lytro-light-field-camera  Firstly, what does a fancy name like light-field cameras mean? It means cameras, which can capture all light moving in every direction at every point in space, i.e. light field. Let me put this even more simply. If you are sitting in a room, under a tubelight, the camera will capture every part of the room the light reaches. Like a cat follows a mouse, the camera will itself follow the light. You can edit the part of the image that you need and refocus, readjust using an integral viewer.

The company claims that the world is yet to see such high-def cameras. And what better place for them then the back of an iPhone? It seems iPhones of the future might add a zing to your photography using Lytro sensors. Lets hope so. Because the current 8-megapixel snapper of the iPhone 4S still takes a harsh beating from 12-megapixel phones from Nokia and Sony.